Instructions Sheet: Assignment – Strategic Capitalism (SC) Paper. Strategic Capitalism (SC) Paper. This is the main topic so dedicate at least 3 pages to this portion of the assignment. Research and find a publicly traded company that is employing SC.

Submit a written paper between 5 pages.

  • Use APA style.
  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling count toward your grade.
  • Dedicate 3 pages of the assignment to the main topic of SC.
  • Dedicate 1 page of the assignment to incorporating SC in your personal work.

Here is the assignment.

1. This is the main topic so dedicate at least 3 pages to this portion of the assignment.

–Research and find a publicly traded company that is employing SC.

–Identify the factors leading to the adoption of SC.

 –Identify the steps the company had to take to change to a SC approach.

–Identify the results gained (if any) from changing to a SC approach.

–How did the change to SC impact the shareholders, if at all. 

2. This is the second part of the assignment so dedicate at least 1 page to this portion of the assignment.

–Identify the Stakeholders in your personal work position/assignment?

–How would you incorporate elements of SC into your personal work position/assignment? 


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