Imagine you are an independent media consultant brought in by a start-up organization, who has just secured an extra $1M of funding from investors, solely for their media strategy and implementation. The start-up is a B2B2C platform which operates online (e.g. Airbnb, Uber). You may choose one of these businesses from the following list, making sure that you understand the two different target audiences for your client.

Choose one of the following clients:

  1. Too Good To Go
  2. Trusted HouseSitters 
  3. Unsplash 
  4. Bonanza 
  5. Rated People
  6. Borrow My Doggy 
  7. Much Better Adventures 
  8. Blacknut 

The Task The client has asked you to:

  1. Identify the 2 separate target audiences and develop insights around these audiences’ preferences, motivations, customer journeys and touchpoints
  2. Develop a media planning strategy for your client, based on their objectives and your audience insights, with a digital first emphasis
  3. Choose one of those audiences (B2B or B2C) and design a media plan using appropriate channels and platforms, to cover a 12 month period
  4. Establish a system for evaluating the performance of the media plan, with contingency planning and recommendations where necessary
  5. You will need to decide on the geographic reach of your media plan – typically global for digital platforms, and national for traditional media. You should discuss this with your tutor.

The Report

You can structure your report as you wish, but we have provided the following recommended structure:

  • Executive outline (including client’s positioning and branding, and potential competition)*
  • Concise statement of the objectives
  • Analysis of competition’s main activities
  • Brief description of target audiences
  • Media strategy
  • Complete description of one media plan (plan & recommendations)
  • Flowchart, estimated allocation of budget, reach/frequency levels
  • Description of methods which can be used to assess the campaign’s effectiveness
  • List of Resources*
  • Appendices

*The executive plan, list of resources and appendices are not included in the word count.


  • Regardless of which digital media you choose for your recommendations, you should assess all the different options that your client has and point out why you have chosen one technique and platform over another.
  • Although the focus and emphasis is on digital channels, an integrated marketing strategy is key and you are advised to consider traditional media as a secondary, complementary part of your media plan & recommendations.
  • You are required to stay within the allocated budget and some basic mathematical calculations will be necessary to prove that your media strategy is within the limits that your client has set.
  • Assume a “pre-launch” period for the first three months and a “business-as-usual” for the next 9 months.
  • The word count of 3,500 is strict, with a 10% leeway either side (in other words your report must be a minimum of 3,150 words, and a maximum of 3,850 words, not including your references page). You may include visuals.
  • Remember to use the Harvard Reference system for formatting your references and in-text citations. How to reference can be found here
  • Quick access to the Marketing subject guide in the Falmouth University library can be found here and links for WARC, IBIS and Mintel can be found here

Assessment criteria and learning outcomes:

LO #Learning Outcome  NameLearning Outcome DescriptionAssessment Criteria Category 
1Critical reflectionInterpret, interrogate and apply theories and scholarship relevant to marketing and digital communications practiceCRITIQUE
3Strategic thinkingInterpret market environments to generate effective strategies for solving identified problems and substantiate proposed solutions.STRATEGY
7Professional practiceDemonstrate an understanding and awareness of the commercial landscape, regulations and ethics, working to professional standards.PRACTICE
  • This assignment accounts for 60% of the final grade for the module.
  • You will receive summative feedback and a provisional grade via canvas within 15 working (term time) days.
  • All grades are subject to verification by the course External Examiner and ratification at the University exam board.

Please visit ASK for support and advice on study skills and referencing.


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