Discussion Posting–Speech Ideas: In the Unit 5 Discussion you will consider your ideas for the upcoming informative and persuasive speeches. What are you considering for your topics? Why are you choosing the topics and what challenges might you face with the CONTENT of the speech. (Do not discuss fear and nervousness, or other aspects of performance). You should pick topics that are not overdone and that generate interest from your audience.

After making your initial post please be sure to respond to at least 2 of your classmate’s postings.  Each week you will need to be certain to post on more than one day of the week to engage in ongoing dialogue with your colleagues and to receive full credit for this assignment.  Posting thoroughly, early and often ensures that you will do well.

Replay  to the following two discussion:

Conversation 1:

For my persuasive speech I will be discussing the benefits of using sports nutrition supplements. I am passionate about the gym and fitness and I also have an interest in chemistry so these topics are a good platform for the first speech. Content for this speech shouldn’t be too difficult to come by because I’m fairly comfortable with the topic and most of the ingredients used in sports supplements have been studied in some format or another. For my informative speech I will be discussing Adidas boost technology that is used in a wide range of their footwear. I could foresee difficulty in this subject because most of this will be preferential instead of factual, so hopefully ill be able to discover the science behind the tech that can be used in a persuasive and interesting manner.

Conversation 2:

When deciding which two topics I was going to use for my informative and persuasive speech I took a lot into consideration. I defiantly wanted to speech on subjects that are important to me. For my informative topic I decided to go with “Life with Braces”. I picked this topic because I work as an Orthodontic dental assistant and most people do not understand WHY people get braces and how the process works, so I think it would be a fun informative topic. I hope I am able to present this topic in and interesting way and others do not find it boring. For my persuasive topic I decided to go with “Why living a healthy lifestyle is important”. I believe this is a topic most people are familiar with, but I have recently began trying to maintain a much healthier lifestyle myself. I am excited to give my reasons why I want to be healthier and hopefully people will agree with me. I can only hope I am able to connect with people in the class who feel the same I do about being healthy instead of stepping on anyone’s toes with what I believe. 


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