Use this pre-formatted Word document to complete your Module Four assignments You do not have to retype the question. Only provide your response on the document. Complete this assignment using a single Microsoft Word, or a compatible word processor, file with Times New Roman, 12-point font. Save the file to your computer as “yourname_m4_assgn.”

  1. Response Questions – After reading “Capitulation to Racism,” in The Strange Career of Jim Crow, respond to the following questions. Your responses must answer all portions of the questions. This rubric [PDF] will be used to score your response question assignments. (100 points) 

    “The only formula powerful enough” to heal the wounds between white conservatives and radicals, according to Woodward, was the “magical formula of white supremacy, applied without stint and without any of the old conservative reservations of paternalism, without deference to any lingering resistance of Northern liberalism, or any fear of further check from a defunct Southern Populism.”
    1. What does Woodward mean by the phrase the “magical formula of white supremacy”?
    2. How was the “formula” applied? Be specific, citing several examples.
    3. What was the ultimate goal of this movement?

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