Topic: Ancient Religion. For details on requirements, source citation, grading, and point distribution, please read the Discussion Board Forum Instructions document, and the Discussion Board Forum Grading Rubric, located in the Module 2 Assignment folder.

In Chapters 1-3 of the course textbook (within MindTap), you have been studying the role that religion played in ancient civilizations.

In  this week’s discussion, you will choose two primary source documents  and consider the similarities and differences between the religion of  the Hebrews (which has greatly influenced Western Civilization), and  another ancient religion. 

Choose One of the Following to compare with Psalm 8:

Egyptian Book of the Dead: Hymns of Praise to Ra

Incantation to Ishtar (from Mesopotamian Civilization)

Compare and contrast one of the above documents with:

Hymns of Praise to Yahweh – Psalm 8

As  you read, look for points of comparison and contrast. Our textbook  editors suggest that the Hebrews drew from both Mesopotamian and  Egyptian civilizations (2-1), not only practices of law and society, but  also in terms of religious beliefs, going as far as to suggest that the  Hebrew people were not truly monotheistic until Moses introduced that  idea (2-2). Your initial thread should have a clear thesis statement and  should respond to the following questions:

Comparison/Contrast: What are the most telling similarities and differences between the two documents?

Basic analysis: What do you think of the textbook editors’ conclusions regarding Hebrew monotheism? (Use Genesis to support your arguments)

Biblical Evaluation: Based  on your own understanding of the Bible, Christianity, and the nature of  man, what reasons do you think might account for the similarities  within the texts? (Provide specific Scriptural support)

If additional guidance is needed for Biblical evaluation, you can do use either of these websites for further assistance:

Free Ebook – Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible

Draw from the primary source documents and Scripture for the majority of support. Use textbook and lectures for background info only. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES allowed.

Response  posts should consider the thesis statements of others, offer further  analysis for the topic, and respond to specific aspects of classmates’  threads. In addition to posting on specific student threads, thoughtful  responses to questions posed on your thread (by either students or  professor) count toward the required minimum.

Your thread (within 300-400 words, essay format) is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Thursday of Module/Week 2.

Your 2 replies (minimum 100 words each) are due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of the same module/week.


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