Prehistory : What, In Seneca’s View, Is Humanity’s Greatest Source Of Affliction?

Question : What, In Seneca’s view, is humanity’s greatest source of affliction? 

Please use citation from textbook using page numbers from where you got the information etc. DO NOT USE INTERNET RESOURCE. Only textbook. 

4 paragraphs. No wordcount. 

Introductory Paragraph 

this should be well planned. Use a “hook” at the beginning of your paper- something that catches your reader’s attention, such as a quote, a question, a little-known fact, or a passage from the work that is the focus of your dicussion. And remember that the most important part of your introduction is your thesis statement, which is a brief statement that clearly defines the main idea and purpose of your paper and states your main points. 

A Few Paragraphs 

disussing and develpoing your main points of focus. Each individual paragraph should begin with a topic sentence and should develop a specific point as a part of the larger paper. Remember you are expected to clearly and directly adress the question Fiero poses at the end of the chosen reading, so work to communicate your ideas effectively. 


remind your reader your main points and briefly restate and reinforce your response(s). And just like the “hook” in your introduction, you want to close with a comment or a question that will leave a lasting impression on your reader. 


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