For Part 1 of the Unit 1 Exam, read the three documents attached above, examine the image located below (also attached above), and watch the specified segment of the PBS documentary series American Experience: New York (link below). Using the documents, the video, and the textbook, write an essay (minimum 400 words) answering the questions listed below.

Part 1 Questions:

1. What do Documents 1, 2, and 3 each reveal about the social and economic changes experienced by many Americans during the Gilded Age (1865-1900)? Compare the experiences of each author.

2. How do the documents and the video reflect the growing racial, ethnic, gender, and economic inequality during the Gilded Age? What surprised you most about the conditions described in the video?

3. How does the image reflect the way many Americans perceived the nation’s growing racial and ethnic diversity? How do those perceptions relate to the experiences described in the documents and the video?

Note: You DO NOT need to answer the questions at the end of the documents.

Video Link  American Experience: New York (2003), episode 3 – (you ONLY need to watch from minute 1:20:45 to 1:31:34 in the video)

In order to access the video, click on the link above. Then, log into the Kanopy website with your DCCCD eCampus user name and password.

Image 1: Miss Columbia’s School House (1894). The caption for this cartoon read “Please, Ma’am, May We Come In?” with the male figure standing outside the gate representing Hawaii and the female figure representing Canada.


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