This assessment consists of two parts: reading two articles and creating a headline and summary of those articles. Please read through the details for each part before starting the activity.

Part 1: You will be reading two articles on the troubles in Myanmar. After you have finished reading, you will fill out the Shrinking Paragraph template. You will then take the information from this template and use it to create your final article and headline: Article 1: Myanmar (formerly Burma) and Human Rights Article 2: The Repression of Ethnic Minority Activists in Myanmar 2: Now that you have read both articles, combine your summaries into one news article. You will also need to create an effective headline that grabs readers’ attention and entices them to read your article. You may use your Article Formatting notes as a guide for writing. Your news article should include the following:

  • a two-paragraph news article written in the inverted pyramid format
  • information from both original articles
  • a headline that tells the main point of the summary
  • correct grammar, syntax, and use of other language conventions

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