NR 603 Week 6 Mental Health Final Treatment Plan/Analysis – Part 2 Requirements: For Week 6 of the course there will not … a case study given to you by the faculty. Instead … assigned a mental health disorder commonly seen in primary care & you will create a case study based on that disorder.

You may create a case study either from a previous clinical patient experience. Or if you have not had a patient in clinical that represents your assigned topic you may research your disease using the week’s classroom material & evidence-based literature. The case should … presented in class (subjective, objective, assessment, and full 5 point plan). The clinical practicum documentation will … helpful for this process, or notes you have taken in clinical regarding cases. The case should … clear, organized, and meet the following guidelines: Week 6 Part Two – Turning in your final SOAP/Analysis: The final SOAP will include your case as posted in part one and two of the clinical case presentation. After you write out the SOAP include the following sections in a large area called ANALYSIS: Pathophysiology and Pharmacology: For the primary diagnoses in the case, write a brief summary of the underlying pathophysiology and tie pharmacological treatment chosen in the reversal or control of that pathology. Additional analysis of the case: This includes national guidelines that were or … how care was unique but … in guidelines. Follow-up: This means how the patient was doing when seen a second time if this applies. This would … their response to your plan of care. Quality: Include that considered in hindsight or changes you would make in seeing similar patients in future with the same complaint, history, exam, or diagnosis. Add anything you learned from discussion in the class that shed new light on this patient. Coding and Billing. Any or all CPT and ICD-10 codes that should … used (List them and name them only. Written in a word document and submitted in the Week 6 case study summary.


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