NR 511 Week 7 Clinical Practice Guideline PowerPoint, Adult Sinusitis ADULT SINUSITIS Purpose Clinical guidelines provide recommendations on the diagnosis and management of certain conditions. Recommendations are based on evidence from a rigorous systematic review and synthesis of the published medical literature. Interpreting and learning to apply guidelines into practice is necessary to develop and enhance diagnostic reasoning skills. Due Date Students will RANDOMLY assigned a topic by your instructor in Week 1. Students will post a brief PowerPoint summary presentation by Week 7. This will allow others to view their peer’s presentations in order to provide peer evaluations before Sunday. Presentations submitted after Week 7 will receive an automatic 0. Requirements Students will randomly assigned a disease topic from the instructor in Week 1. Each student will locate and examine a current CPG for the assigned topic. A copy (or reference) of the intended CPG should submitted to the instructor by Week 3 for approval. In Week 7, students will summarize the CPG and give a brief, Oral Presentation according to the directions and rubric listed below. In addition to the presentation, a Written Transcript (for the instructor) must submitted to the Week 7 assignment box. Students will share a copy of the CPG along with a link to their presentation. Presentations and transcripts are due before … of Week 7, Presentations and/or papers submitted after the deadline will receive an automatic 0.


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