HUMN 303N Week 1 Discussion Question. HUMN 303N Week 1 Discussion Question Week 1 Discussion 1 Initial Post Instructions For the initial post, address the following:

What is the value of studying the humanities in the field of health professions? The study of humanities is a very broad field that has numerous ways one can approach the subject. When it comes to relating humanities along with the healthcare field, it can easily be viewed as irrelevant from those who do not know much about either one. The real truth is that humanities and sciences work together to enhance the scientific and artistic dimensions of medical practice (Fins, Pohl, & Doukas, 2013). Applying humanities in the education of healthcare professionals provides a better understanding of a multitude of situations by giving viewpoints from more than one perspective (Chamberlain College of Nursing, 2019). It is important for healthcare professionals to incorporate many different aspects in order to provide efficient, safe, and compassionate care to each and every patient. How might a topic such as art, literature, music, dance, etc. from other time periods enhance your career and personal life in the present? Furthering my own education on the topics of art, literature, music, dance, ect. from other periods of time would enhance my career and personal life by expanding my knowledge through a better understanding of human experiences. This expansion of knowledge can help advance my own communication skills, empathy, self-awareness, and judgement in both aspects of my career and personal life (Chamberlain College of Nursing, 2019). By understanding how previous time periods acted as societies and through different cultures, I can create better relationships between those I encounter throughout my daily life. As someone going into the medical career, I can combine the study of humanities in history, literature, art, and more to help enrich the understanding of human experience as it relates to health and illness, and enhance clinical, educational, and research strategies (University of Michigan, 2019). This can help enhance my participation in the community and lead to improved patient care as a medical professional alongside improving relationships in my personal life. Select one aspect of the humanities that is meaningful to your personal life and one for career. Explain how is each meaningful. Music has always been a meaningful part of my personal life and career as well. My grandmother made sure each of us 17 grandchildren played an instrument or sang. She would pay for all of us to have lessons in whatever option we chose. Her goal in the long run was to have Christmas surrounded by our musical abilities every year. I personally chose singing lessons as a child alongside my older brother. While none of us grandchildren made a career out of it, it became tradition for us all to sing or play for our grandma every holiday season. She helped us create an outlet for whatever struggles we may be dealing with because we would always know that the musical talent we have was created by our grandma. Music has a special place in my heart that makes whatever I am dealing with melt away into the tune of a guitar or the melody of a song. When it comes to my career, I encorporate music into the healthcare field. I work with those of all ages in the hospital but one thing that can always help in what may be their worst moments in music. Whether it is an elderly patient with dementia who only relaxes to the tunes from their childhood or a 6-month-old child who only falls asleep to twinkle twinkle little star. I have learned that music has the same effect on myself as it does to everyone else which makes it the most meaningful aspect of humanities in my life. In addition, include a specific example of a work (a specific work of art, literature, theater, or music) that you feel is meaningful to your personal life and/or career. Explain the connection. Fight Song by Rachel Platten is probably the most meaningful song in both my personal life and career. It has multiple meanings to it and is an anthem for anyone struggling, whether it is school, a bad relationship, bullying, or illness. I currently relate to this song as I am fighting to finish nursing school even with the endless studying and lack of sleep. My personal life is surrounded by school, but I will keep fighting till I earn that degree. In my career, this song relates to every patient I take care of. They are fighting through whatever illness they may have. This song helps myself, as a health care professional, help them fight as well. References Chamberlain College of Nursing. (2019). Week 1 lesson: The value of humanities [Online Lesson]. Retrieved from Fins, J. J., Pohl, B., & Doukas, D. J. (2013). In praise of the humanities in academic medicine: Values, metrics, and ethics in uncertain times CQ CQ. Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, 22(4), 355-64. doi: University of Michigan. (2019). Medical humanities. Retrieved from


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