Case: SOC 333 Week 1 Discussion 2, Reviewing Literature

SOC 333 Week 1 Discussion 2, Reviewing Literature What topic are you most interested in studying? In one sentence state the essence of this study, then write your research title. Basically, choose a research topic that interests you – is it a social problem that affects a particular group in society? Break down the elements: Who do you want to research? What is the issue? Is there a particular place or other differentiator which is useful to describe your study? I am interested in homelessness and the street people subculture. Homelessness is considered a negative thing in society and people who are homeless are looked down upon. However, within the homeless community, there is a subculture of street people who prefer to be homeless. Society is constantly looking for ways to solve homelessness but rarely look at the reasons street people choose to be homeless. My study is about homelessness and the factors that lead to chronic homelessness. Considering the research topic, you selected list five key terms related to your topic and use these terms to perform a database search for journal articles on the topic in the Ashford University Library. What were the outcomes of your database search? Did you modify your search terms to achieve a successful search? Which databases were most useful to you and why? Key Terms: Homelessness; chronic homelessness; Street People; hidden homeless; throwaway youth There is a lot of literature on homelessness across the globe. The EBSCOhost database provided me with the best literature based on my key terms. I also had to vary which terms I used together in my searches because some searches did not provide any sources. The term I had the most trouble finding literature is throwaway youth or children who are kicked out of their home. Considering the research topic, you selected and the database searches you performed, list the five terms you think are important in this study and define/operationalize them. Discuss the advantages and limitations defining these terms. To help you do this, list the terms and how they specifically support and are important to your research topic. Homelessness- The lack of shelter or access to basic human welfare needs. Homelessness provides a basic overview of my topic. Each other key term narrows the scope of my topic. Chronic Homelessness- A person who is homeless for a year or more or a person who has been homeless four or more times in a three-year period. Those who are chronically homeless can provide data on what circumstances most contribute to homelessness and what causes people to regress. Street people- Street people is another term for the homeless or used to describe homelessness as a subculture. Often people with mental illness or dependency problems or even prior homeless youths choose to remain or return to homelessness because they feel like outcasts in mainstream society. Understand the reasons why people choose to remain or return to homelessness can help solve the issue. Hidden homeless- People who are living in risky environments like motels or “couch surfing.” The hidden homeless are the most at risk for becoming truly homeless. Throwaway youth- homeless youth who have been kicked out of their homes without a way to obtain suitable shelter and basic needs. Homeless youth are important for understanding chronic homelessness and the street people subculture. Youths who become homeless are less likely as adults to ingrate with mainstream society and less remain homeless out of familiarity. Reference American Library Association. (2016). Extending Our Reach: Reducing Homelessness Through Library Engagement. Retrieved from Creswell, J. (2014). Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches. Los Angeles, CA: Sage.


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