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Marketing and advertising throughout the 20th century revolutionized what we purchase, what we need, what we want, and how we purchase. Flash forward to the refinement of the internet which is now defining who we are, what we do and how we consume. In the 21st century how we purchase, what we purchase and where we purchase is influenced by what we search for and who is analyzing our searches. Today, how do purchasing trends both retail and commercial affect the business of photography? As an aspiring photographer how can you can you take advantage of the ‘big & little data’, as well as the hustle & flow on the internet?

SEO ~ Business Learning Outcomes

Simple. An introductory tool set to become effective & proactive earners on the internet ~ not just consumers sharing your information!

For this research assignment, I would like you to use ‘google’ and become familiar with the following terms, and ‘buzz words, as an introduction to SEO.


Answer all the bullets, terms and questions below, in your own words pleaseJ No cutting and pasting!  I your own words please!

Google Analytics

1. Organic SEO vs. ‘Pay per Click’

2. What is a click? What is ‘opened’? What does this mean with respect to SEO jargon and web traffic.

3. What is a conversion?

4.What is a ‘Drip Campaign’ with respect to marketing on the internet? What is ‘beta testing’?

5.How can we beta test our own website & marketing for effectiveness?

6.What is meant by the ‘storefront’ of a website?

7.What is the backend of a site or the ‘dashboard’?

8.What analytic tools exist, or should exist on the dashboard, or ‘backend’ to help us market our products?

9.How can we use these analytic tools to increase awareness of our photography and increase sales?

10.What is a ‘Social Influencer’? How can photography be helpful to a social influencer.

11.*What can we discover if we have access to analytics of specific searches and search chains to our photographic website?

What can we learn researching searches related to ‘buying’ photography in our chosen field or specialty? Examples: corporate portraits, editorial, fashion and wedding photography.

What can a major corporation such as Apple Computer, Amazon or Samsung learn from studying the analytics and metrics of the people searching their site? Does this information effect future products they develop and manufacture? Can search analytics and beta testing help them develop new innovative products?

12. Describe the similarities and differences between Instagram, Facebook and a unique URL & website.

Part Two

Choose a photographic specialty. It may be fashion, wedding, food or portraiture. Please be careful with portraiture, it has specialties and sub-groups. Now I would like you to seriously pretend you want to hire a photographer from the specialty you chose. You may be hiring someone to shoot your wedding, photograph the interior of your restaurant or photograph corporate portraits. You may be looking for a photographer to photograph your wedding in Dubai!

Pretend you are the customer, where do you sart?

 Let the Search Begin!

1. Search with google and think about the photographic style you are looking for. Begin searching with choice keywords. Keep notes of your key words.

Please bookmark some notable searches, and write short notes.

2. Jot down the keywords which garner the most relevant and interesting websites.

3. When searching, pay attention to which photographers appear on the first few pages of google. Look at their work. Is this the photographer you might be interested in contacting? Most important, note the keyword searches which bring up the most success with respect to the unique content you are looking for. What is special about these sites that would compel you to contact that photographer. Storefront? Is it the quality of work?  Navigation? Speed? Customer service? Local Information? His or her bio? Could it just that they are placed on the first page of google? Do you search beyond the first or second page? You may have to refine your search to find what you want!   Explore the differences between ‘pay per click sites vs. organic SEO.

4. Please keep notes of your search chains. Draw a simple flow chart if that works for you.

Include at least 5 final searches, descriptions including URL’s.

Please be aware that slightly shaded’ sites with high placement are paid for! This is called ‘pay per click’. Are pay per click sights notable?  Would you move forward and contact this photographer? Are they just ‘paying’ for exposure and high Google placement?

For this exercise, you may have to search, and then refine your search to find what you are looking for. Please take plenty of notes, and observations. Organize them, email the assignment and bring a printed copy to class on the due date. Be prepared to discuss and share your research with the class.

The learning outcomes for this assignment will familiarize you with search engine marketing; how does this affect what we shoot, market and how we promote ourselves?

Does Google influence ‘fine art photography’ ~once the domain of artists and curators? Most important, how does the internet, specifically searches, influence what is manufactured and sold to consumers?

Do not go crazy. This is a huge topic. Approach this assignment as an introduction. Be curious and have plenty of fun searching!

Reference :

Marketing in the Age of Google – Vanessa Fox

Blackboard – Course Information

60 minutes expose ‘Web Brokers’


Part 1.

Short simple conversational answers and observations in own words. No cutting and pastingJ  ~ 40%

Part 2.

Informative Research and Observations, Examples?  ~  40%

Overall Organization, Readability & Grammar ~ 20%


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