The assignments in this course are interrelated and based on a practicum experience. The assignments culminate in a final presentation submitted during week 10. As a nurse, you understand the challenges facing under-served populations.

For this practicum assignment, you will identify a vulnerable, at-risk population in your community. You will examine the challenges currently facing members of this group and the resources available to assist them. You will gather information from a variety of sources and interview a professional who is involved in the provision of services to this group. A vulnerable or at-risk population can be defined as a population with a commonly identified risk factor or risk exposure presenting a threat to health. Examples of at-risk populations include, but are not limited to the following:

-Urban or rural individuals and families living at or below the poverty line
-Immigrants and non-English-speaking individuals
-Stigmatized or marginalized groups
-Undocumented workers
-Incarcerated individuals
-The homeless
-The mentally ill

**** Please choose the mentally ill for this project, I live in New York, please base the project off there******

This five-part assignment is submitted in weeks 3, 5, 8, and 10. Please refer to the Practicum Assignment link on the navigation pane for an explanation of all steps. Please read it in its entirety before starting.

You will work on this assignment over weeks 1-3. It is submitted at the end of week 3. In this assignment, you will:
Identify your vulnerable, at-risk population of interest.
Complete a needs assessment, analyzing data available through scholarly references that is specific to the identified population. At least 3 references should be used to complete the needs assessment
Present your needs assessment data by filling out the attached worksheet below. Fill out the chart and answer the questions listed on the worksheet. Attach a reference page to the worksheet to list your references utilized in step 2.
Save and submit your assignment to the Week 3 DropBox.
Use this document. Do not change the formatting. This is not a formal, APA-style research paper, although you are expected to cite sources as needed.
Practicum Step 1 Needs Assessment Worksheet.docx


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