After you access the article below and/or reference information from other sources regarding the most recent carjacking ( July 16, 2021) that ended in a fatality – this time in Hyde Park. Post a comment addressing each of the five questions below between now and Sunday, July 25, 2021.

1. Reference chapters four and/or five to identify a theory you might use in an attempt to explain the possible motivation for this crime

2. As we live through the spike in violent crime, occurring in Chicago, Washington D.C, Houston, and other urban areas we hear more people agreeing that offenders who repeatedly commit serious/violent crimes are of real concern – not the youths who are involved in petty delinquency. Should the juvenile justice system be used exclusively for youth who engage in minor offenses? Should serious violent juvenile delinquents always be prosecuted and punished as adults if we want to see a decrease in violent crime committed by juveniles?

3. Should parental liability be applied in cases where delinquents are involved with serious violent crime?

4. Juveniles who commit serious crimes often face adult sanctions. Is this an appropriate response to youth crime? Does the justice system effectively “wash its hands” of juvenile delinquents who engage in serious criminal offending?

5. Why do you think the United States continues to fund and administer programs ( D.A.R.E. peer counseling, midnight basketball, boot camps, and social casework) involving children when research has demonstrated they have no positive effect and possibly a negative impact on delinquents.


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