Weeks 7&8 Project 4: Excel Data Analysis

Assignment Instructions

Weeks 7&8 Project 4: Excel Data Analysis

Course Objectives:

CO8: Evaluate the impact of the forecasting processes and demand planning on a supply chain’s effectiveness.

CO9: Evaluate the impact of Inventory management systems on a supply chain network’s effectiveness

Assignment Prompt:

For Project 4, your assignment will be in Chapters 8 and 9.  For the next two weeks, you will be using the attached Excel Spreadsheet workbook to answer 6 data analysis questions.  There are 6 tabs on the excel workbook, one for each of the 6 questions you will be answering.  The first three tabs (1, 2, & 3) relate to Chapter 8 (Forecasting and demand planning) while tabs 4, 5, and 6 relate to calculations you will be completing regarding chapter 9 (Inventory management).  The 6 calculation problems you will complete are all referenced back to an example in chapters 8 and 9.  For most of the tabs, there are multiple tasks to complete, all are sequential, so complete them in order.  The point values for each problem are in the instructions.


If your Excel formulas skills are rusty, a hyperlink is provided below to short tutorials in GCFLearnFree.org where you can brush up on inserting formulas, summing tables of data, etc.  It is recommended that you review these early in Week 7. 

GCFLearnFree.org/Excel2016 Formulas (tutorials 2 trough 5)

Finally, there are detailed instructions for how to complete each problem in the Excel template below.  Download the template, store it in your computer, then, please read the instructions carefully.  Upload the completed excel file to this week when you are ready for it to be graded. Use the following naming  convention JSmith_Project4


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