Evolution – Your Inner Fish SCI-115SC-OL04 Module 6 Discussion

Discussion Six:

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Module 6 Once again you have a choice for your first post:

1. What is the distinction between micro and macroevolution? How are the two terms linked? Give specific examples and cite pages in your text.

2. What is the Biological Species Concept? Please make a case either for or against classifying two specific fish as the same species or different. Give specific examples and cite pages in your text.

3. Readings this week dealt with geographic isolation and reproductive isolation. Create a fictitious example, or realistic example, of isolation that led to evolution of a species. Tell a story – you could begin with once upon a time. Use actual evolutionary concepts and terms.  Give specific examples and cite pages in your text. Feel free to be creative – have fun with it.

4. Search the Internet for examples of some known speciation events that resulted from geographic and then reproductive isolation. Be sure to thoroughly explain the event to your classmates, and include a citation.

Once you have made an initial post, you should respond to two of your classmates by 11:59pm on Sunday night. In your response, you may ask questions about the example that was provided by your classmate, comment on how the particular example helped you to better understand speciation, or you may respectfully disagree with the example and explain why you feel that way.


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