What was the Harlem Renaissance?

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Choose one of the topics below for your main post. Respond to at least one student who answered a different question from you. The answers should come from your textbook, the book of primary source documents, the assigned website, the lecture, videos, and the research you conducted in the APUS Library. Respond as many times as you wish. Your two best responses will be graded. 

1). What was the Harlem Renaissance? Give some examples of artists who were active at the time. Just give a couple of examples but offer context and detail. What were the reactions to the Harlem Renaissance? Why did it come about? 

2).Who was Marcus Garvey? Was he successful or not? Remember to read critically, not passively. Feel free to do extra reading, but be careful about sources. Ask yourself if the source that you are looking at is scholarly (assuming it is not the text). Was it written by a historian? Does the website have a particular angle that it is pushing?

3). Did WWI (One) impact African Americans? Did black soldiers serve in the war?

4). What was the famous case of the Scottsboro Boys? Be absolutely sure to use scholarly sources. No encyclopedias, no “history.com”, only scholarly sources, if you choose this question. Find articles and books and websites written by historians, preferably from web addresses with .edu in the address. Try Google Scholar or our wonderful library.

5). A choice (I know, so many choices!) 

What were some of the important cultural aspects of black culture  like basketball, boxing, soul food, or other aspects of culture in this time period that you can share?

Or, if you prefer – tell us about the Tulsa Race Riots of 1921. Here is a good


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